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Photography changed my life. And it's changing me. Constantly. I discovered my passion long time ago.

Sadly, my enthusiasm was shattered by heavy criticism from professionals.

So, I hid my camera and forgot about it. After few years of struggling with some difficulties in my life I realized I had to do something with myself. Something... creative.

At this point I would like to thank my beloved sister who never stopped believing in me and always tried to convince me to go back to photography. 

I decided to buy a new camera and with a small amount of confidence and without any technical knowledge I was taking every chance to go out and shoot.  Alongside the nature and architecture I have discovered a thrilling area which became very absorbing and addictive "playground". Street. 

Street is a real world to me.  A world where everything inspires me. And people are substantial part of it.   

This site is a tribute to all those amazing people I've met on the street. To every person I had an unique opportunity to take a portrait or capture the humanity of one-off a moment.

It's hard for me to define my photography style, yet. 

But if for once I could catch the essence of the subject, I'll be eternally grateful.



  • Instagram - Biały Krąg
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